Time / Čas

There is life. There is a human being. There is a person. Striking on and on until you forget. As long as you remember.
A dark encounter with roomfuls of memories, dreams, holidays, and artworks.
This mini cinematic opera by Simon Penšek is dedicated to Matevž Čas.

Produced by Temporama in co-production with AVA - Academy of Visual Arts and Warehouse Collective.

Starring Nataša Trček, Alenja Pivko Kneževič, Peter Cerovšek

Director: Matevž Jerman
Screenplay: Iza Strehar, Simon Penšek
Composer: Simon Penšek
Artwork: Matevž Čas
Poetry: Stojan Kneževič
Editors: Matevž Jerman, Simon Penšek
Cinematographer: Andraž Jerič
1st Assistant Camera: Darej Šömen
Production Designer: Sanja Vatić
Costume Designer: Ester Ivakič

Producer / Production Manager: Andraž Jerič
Producer: Jerca Jerič