A young couple walks through the wilderness. She is free and he follows, somewhat reluctantly. After spending a stormy night under a rock shelter, they meet a man from her past. Together they come upon a road.

A short film produced by Temporama.

Starring Anja Novak, Dan Mrevlje, Benjamin Krnetić.

Director / Screenwriter: Juš Premrov
Director of Photography: Darko Herič
Editing: Juš Premrov
Sound Recordist: Gašper Antauer
Sound Editing / Sound Design / Music: Simon Penšek
Costume Design: Ina Ferlan
VFX: Žan Flaker Berce
Colorist: Miran Bratuš
Digital Intermediate by NuFrame // nuframe.si

Producer / Production Manager: Andraž Jerič
Producer: Jerca Jerič