About us

Temporama Film Society aims to produce films that are focused and firmly positioned towards our own younger generation by adressing either film viewers or creators. We wish to be a part of a movement that would establish a fresh, autonomous and creative film scene which would in turn generate original content in the Slovenian filmography. We hope to attract the viewers to the cinemas by responding to the general feel and feedback from our audience.

As emerging producers we mostly work with young, enthusiastic authors who we feel do not get enough opportunities or have hard time getting proper funding in Slovenia. We are firmly convinced that the people we like to work with the most are the future of Slovenian cinema - so if you would like to work with us don't hesitate to drop us a note.

In our free time we also do some commercial work so let us know if you have a TV ad or a Kickstarter video to produce and we'll see what we can do.